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31 March 2020

Genetics, geoscience, chemistry and komodo dragons - check out our latest show!

30 March 2020

Here's a bit more from our recent show...

23 March 2020

We take a detailed look at the coronavirus - from how it affects the body, to developing a vaccine..

17 March 2020

We look at some clever solutions for sustaining cities into the future...

05 March 2020

Time to sate that curious mind! Our panel answers questions on the coronavirus, solar storms, and much more...

03 March 2020

This week, we're talking electric cars!

27 February 2020

How AI is revolutionising healthcare

25 February 2020

We take some time, to look at the science of time

17 February 2020

This week we delve into the disease that accounts for a quarter of all cancer in men: prostate cancer...

11 February 2020

This week - tick tock! We’re talking body clock science!

04 February 2020

Our panel of experts answer your questions!

28 January 2020

We're celebrating a great Scottish holiday - with science! Haggis, history, ceilidhs and more...

21 January 2020

Why does so much good food end up in the bin?

14 January 2020

We look at the science in origami, and the origami in science...

07 January 2020

Our panel of experts tackles your questions! From electric cars, to ozone holes, to dinosaur DNA...

31 December 2019

We're celebrating a year of Naked science!

23 December 2019

Board games, Frozen the game, and Dr Chris Smith plays Surgeon Simulator!

17 December 2019

This week, we're looking at the future of missions to the Moon...

10 December 2019

How do avalanches happen and how do you face one? We speak to a survivor...

03 December 2019

Is fat worse than sugar? Can you die of a broken heart? Is the universe really expanding?

26 November 2019

How far away are we from growing transplantable organs in the lab?

19 November 2019

The deadly serious science of custard, including sports bra technology and explosions...

12 November 2019

We look at science that may change how we do medicine

11 November 2019

We discover how computer modelling works, what can go wrong, and how computer scientists can help improve the recipe...