The Naked Scientists Podcast

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05 November 2019

What do blind people "see"? Who should colonise Mars? And why don't sleeping birds fall out of trees?

28 October 2019

Is our recycling system still working, and what does the future hold?

22 October 2019

Just what goes on inside our veins?

15 October 2019

This week - how accessible is the tech we use everyday? And how can science help?

08 October 2019

Is AI a threat to humanity? What’s a panic attack? And why does being scared make your legs wobble?

01 October 2019

Researchers using gene therapy to prevent blindness, halt muscular dystrophy, and even potentially cure HIV...

24 September 2019

From staining glass to making it bulletproof, we take a look at all things glassy.

17 September 2019

We dive into the murky world of cryptography...

10 September 2019

How long can someone hold their breath? Who are fitter - footballers or rugby players?

03 September 2019

Chlamydia, HIV and HPV - we're tackling sexually transmitted infections...

22 August 2019

How secure is the internet?

20 August 2019

The helpful materials that keep us healthy.

13 August 2019

We're tackling the science questions you've been sending in!

06 August 2019

This week we're looking at the big impact of the tiny electron...

30 July 2019

Will flights get faster? Could electric planes exist? And can our own Naked Scientist land a plane?

23 July 2019

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and landing on the moon.

09 July 2019

We take a close look at Alzheimer's Disease

02 July 2019

This week, we're taking to the sky for some extremely high science!

25 June 2019

Extremes month continues, and this week we’re going extremely deep into a gold mine.

18 June 2019

This week we're tackling all your questions about the extreme!

11 June 2019

From ice cores to absolute zero, we're taking science to the extremes...

04 June 2019

From fast acting venom to vehicles, speedy space to tennis serves, we kick off a month of extreme science.

28 May 2019

Safer, cleaner, and more efficient. That's the aim, but are we there yet?