Spit and Polish

How does spit make your shoes so shiny? We find out in this Question of the Week...
02 February 2009
Presented by Diana O'Carroll


How does spit make your shoes so shiny? A good polish needs more than just elbow grease, it needs your saliva too! We find out in this Question of the Week, and ask if it's possible to build a suit that lets you dance like a ballerina?

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Why should spit shine shoes so successfully?

Spit and Polish?

We put this to Chris Powley-Williams, Leatherwise in Northampton, UK...

We're quite intrigued by the question posed by Dave as to why spit and polish is so successful on your shoes. The reason is all to do with protein.

Traditionally in the leather industry, when we wanted a very highly glazed or highly polished shoe we used to use the protein that you find in milk, and that's casein.

It would have been applied to the leather surface and it would have been fixed in place with formaldehyde or formalin, some people would know that as. Then we would have used a glass block and glazed the actual finish and that would have given you this high polish effect.

In effect that's what Dave is doing every time he spits on his shoes. In your saliva there's a high amount of protein. By spitting on your shoes and then rubbing it up to a polish you're actually trying to glaze the protein in the same way we would have done traditionally, many years ago.

He then poses the question, well nowadays how are finishes different? We tend not to use the protein finishes. They're very brittle. We're not allowed to use formaldehyde in the same way we used to use it, and so we tend to use a lot of polymer finishes and nitrocellulose, polyurethane, things like that. We can achieve the same levels of gloss but in quite a different way.

One interesting fact we came across ourselves was that, actually, it's best to clean your shoes when you're happy! The reason being that the protein in your spit or saliva actually decreases if you're feeling depressed and increases when you're feeling happy. If you want a really good gloss on your shoes only spit on them when you're in a good mood. That should solve all your problems!


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