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15 July 2019

Can an animal's fur coat prevent them from overheating on a hot summer day?

20 May 2019

Does lighting a candle in the bathroom help to hide pongs?

13 May 2019

How long does it take carbon atoms to get from our food to our breath?

29 April 2019

Why is it easier to see faint stars whilst looking slightly away from them?

01 April 2019

Jack Tavener has been crunching through some research to get to the root of this question.

18 March 2019

Why are they so unhappy in monogamous relationships?"

04 March 2019

We know the effects of getting drunk, but why are some parts of the brain more affected than others?

18 February 2019

Why are some people better than others at accents and imitation?

04 February 2019

Why does a candle start to make more smoke and smell after it's blown out?

28 January 2019

How does a person who is born completely deaf structure their thoughts?

21 January 2019

And why don't trees create great holes in the ground?

14 January 2019

Is it a matter of surface area?

17 December 2018

What happens to air bubbles in water in zero-gravity?

26 November 2018

How do dogs identify other dogs?

19 November 2018

Which planes are suited to hurricane research?

12 November 2018

Could you pick a Neanderthal child out of a line up?

29 October 2018

How are wombat droppings cube shaped?

24 September 2018

What makes Blu-Tack so sticky?

17 September 2018

Can we terraform the Moon so it's habitable to humans long-term?

03 September 2018

Do wild animals get allergies, and if so, do they get them as much as we do?

20 August 2018

We do this question by the numbers...