Question of the Week

We solve the weirdest, wackiest, funniest and funkiest scientific questions, queries and puzzles...

01 September 2014

If solar panels were put in space, how could the energy produced be sent back to earth?

18 August 2014

Can you tell why someone was crying by looking at the chemical composition of their tears?

11 August 2014

Why do some people find background music helps attention, but others do not?

03 August 2014

Tackling the burning issue of spontaneous human combustion. Is it scientifically possible?

28 July 2014

Which organs are vital and which are luxuries of life? We find out this week...

16 July 2014

Star Trek fantasy or scientifically feasible? We find out with NASA!

23 June 2014

We sniff out the science asking does sneeze volume and sound denote personality type?

16 June 2014

Can you combat brain fogginess and aid your french homework by munching sweets?

09 June 2014

Would a scattering of your beloved's ashes be good for plant growth?

27 May 2014

Are there antimatter galaxies out there? What would they look like? And how would we tell they exist? We find out!

19 May 2014

What's the difference between aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen? We turn to a Professor of Pain for the answer.

12 May 2014

We light up our brains with this burning question, igniting the issue with a Professor of Chemistry and Fire Science!

28 April 2014

Do you feel tired, irritable and bored during the week? Yet full of beans and enthusiasm at the weekend? We find out...

07 April 2014

Why does my PC need more data storage than my DNA? Surely our processing power is greater? We crunch into the data to...

31 March 2014

Is technology changing at too fast a pace for our genetic material? Has human evolution halted? We find out!

24 March 2014

Could we banish planes and instead use the Earth's natural spin to help long distance travel across its surface?

10 March 2014

Does lightning fry fish when its hits the sea or a lake?

24 February 2014

We zoom into MRI scanning to find out why it is so fuzzy and ask, if it was improved, could that help diagnosing...

17 February 2014

We find out if other animals exhibit handed'ness. Plus what does it mean to be left handed and right footed?

10 February 2014

Does the colour of your snot signify the severity or stage of your cold?

03 February 2014

What causes deodorant stains on clothes, and how best to get rid of them?

13 January 2014

There's not that many bugs around this time of year, but those that are seem to collect by by kitchen light. Why...

06 January 2014

Do electrons ever stop spinning? And why don't they ever crash into the centre of the atom?

11 December 2013

Does a fly evolve faster than a toad? A whale slower than a barnacle? And if so, how does our bodies immune system keep...