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04 April 2016

Is it possible for two planets to share the same orbit?

07 March 2016

People can certainly smell whiffy and sometimes this is attractive, other times not...

01 March 2016

Why do some lucky people seem never to get bitten? Is it just a myth?

08 February 2016

The number of stars in space is huge, so why is it so chilly?

01 February 2016

Listen back to your voice on an answerphone and you might be quite surprised by the sound.

25 January 2016

Felicity Bedford spoke to geneticist Walter Bodmer to find out why faces are so variable

18 January 2016

Listener James wanted to know what the dark circles under your eyes are for.

14 December 2015

What causes somnambulism and can we stop it?

07 December 2015

Climate change is bad news for polar bears. What would happen if we gave them a new home?

30 November 2015

Jess wanted to know what would happen if she plucked a guitar in space...

24 November 2015

Winter is coming and with it comes a runny nose but how can we stop a snotty hooter?

16 November 2015

It would appear that people on go bald on their heards, but why? And why not elsewhere?

01 November 2015

Everyone likes a room with a view but why? Is it innate or do we learn to love a vista?

19 October 2015

Could zombies become real?

11 October 2015

What wind speed does it take to tip a lorry?

05 October 2015

Why do power lines make so much noise?

21 September 2015

Why is gooseberry jam red, when gooseberries are green?

14 September 2015

Why do we make mistakes during repetitive tasks? It happens all the time, but why?

07 September 2015

Fingernails seem to have obvious uses but what are our toenails for?

24 August 2015

In music, why do major keys sound happy and minor keys sound mournful?

18 August 2015

Where are we within the universe?

10 August 2015

How many people are needed to avoid inbreeding in a population?

03 August 2015

What are wormholes, and how would one be created?

20 July 2015

How much of a wheat field do you need to make one loaf of wholemeal bread?