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19 November 2018

Which planes are suited to hurricane research?

12 November 2018

Could you pick a Neanderthal child out of a line up?

29 October 2018

How are wombat droppings cube shaped?

24 September 2018

What makes Blu-Tack so sticky?

17 September 2018

Can we terraform the Moon so it's habitable to humans long-term?

03 September 2018

Do wild animals get allergies, and if so, do they get them as much as we do?

20 August 2018

We do this question by the numbers...

06 August 2018

What's the science behind non-stick pans?

31 July 2018

We got the lay of the land for this question!

16 July 2018

Does the brain respond differently to reading versus listening?

02 July 2018

Why do we get bored and what is the advantage of boredom?

25 June 2018

Astronaut Michael Foale weighs in on a question that's out of this world...

04 June 2018

Would it be possible to eat any aliens we found?

21 May 2018

We sniffed out an answer to this cool conundrum!

05 March 2018

How come smaller animals seem to survive falls that a larger animal wouldn't?

12 February 2018

Is boiling them alive inhumane?

05 February 2018

Should you run to reduce the amount of time out in the cold, or do the adverse effects of moving faster outweigh the...

29 January 2018

And why doesn't dried pasta do the same?

18 December 2017

The Waite family wanted to know if fish yawn, so Heather Wark spoke to Iain Barber from Nottingham Trent University to...

11 December 2017

Would a giant gun be a suitable launch vehicle for the next generation of spacecraft?

20 November 2017

What makes it so satisfying?

06 November 2017

Is it safe? Or will the engine cut out?