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09 October 2017

Does approaching a fly slowly allow you to swat it more easily?

25 September 2017

Does cooking burn off alcohol?

18 September 2017

How does your pet dog's intelligence compare to other animals?

11 September 2017

Why do our clothes dry even though the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius?

21 August 2017

If we could get energy from the sun, like plants, how big would our skin need to be?

14 August 2017

Are the residues from common manual dish washing significantly toxic to humans in the short or long term?

27 June 2017

Is it possible to create noise-cancelling headphones, but for an apartment?

13 June 2017

Does being hot help to warm up your muscles quicker?

15 May 2017

Like with physical exercise, if we practice difficult mental tasks, does our endurance at those tasks improve over time?

08 May 2017

Why does a piano's A sharp sound different to a trumpet's A sharp?

27 April 2017

In fairy lights the blue ones can be harder to resolve: why?

10 April 2017

Why do missiles in films make a descending sound as they fall?

27 March 2017

Does one or two steps at a time require more energy, and which is better for a work-out?

20 March 2017

Can HIV be transferred through a mosquito bite?

13 March 2017

Is it better to throw your old bulbs out immediately, or only as they break?

03 March 2017

When we drink a cup of tea, how much of it comes straight back out?

20 February 2017

If we put a giant mirror in space, could see Earth a million years ago?

13 February 2017

How did birds survive the dinosaur mass extinction?

24 January 2017

Listener Tim got in touch to ask: Why do the poles go north-south as opposed to east-west?

23 January 2017

Do ants or other insects feel pain in the same way as humans do? And what does it have to do with robots?

16 January 2017

What would happen if one could somehow pee standing on the moon?

05 December 2016

Water is hydrogen and oxygen, both of which are used in combustion...

28 November 2016

Why is it when we break a magnet in half, we get two new magnets?

24 October 2016

Why don't you get thrown backwards when you switch on your torch? Kerstin Göpfrich made he