We solve the weirdest, wackiest, funniest and funkiest scientific questions, queries and puzzles...

23 October 2013

Why do I fart after cottage pie? And what exactly is a fart? Do certain foods and cooking techniques affect fart...

16 October 2013

Could you pass the flu onto your pooch? Could your dog then sneeze over your Great Aunt Mildred? We find out!

09 October 2013

Who's your Bronze Age Ancestor?

02 October 2013

We examine whether Earth can sustainably support this many humans.

25 September 2013

Does the cycle of the moon affect your sleep patterns? We find out!

18 September 2013

What are the relative risks of e-cigarettes, nicotine patches and snuff?

11 September 2013

Why, and how, is pregnancy associated with high sensitivity to smell?

04 September 2013

Would it kill you to have a penny dropped on your head from the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in...

29 August 2013

We find out what happens in our brains as we dream, why we have them, and what nightmares are all about.

22 August 2013

We find out why ice cubes can make fizzy drinks bubble over, by asking a French champagne specialist!

15 August 2013

Could other planets make a substance like diamond?

08 August 2013

We find out if dark matter can clump together to form dark planets, dark suns, or dark moons.

03 August 2013

5 yr old Georgia asks how did the cells in her mum's tummy know to make her brain cells? A Nobel Laureate provides...

25 July 2013

We brush away at this question: is it better for your teeth to suck on, or chew, your sweets?

18 July 2013

Are babies the ultimate yoginis? How do they do their headstands in the womb? We find out!

11 July 2013

Can we get power from poo?

04 July 2013

Naked Physicist Dave Ansell tries to recreate Space in his garden, in order to get to grips with a listeners question...

27 June 2013

How does training affect conscious control? What happens to automatic movements as we age?

20 June 2013

We find out what's going on if exercise is making you sick. Plus we ponder the existance of free will.

14 June 2013

What is the physiology behind emotional breakdown? Everybody has had the feeling in traumatic situations. But why does...

07 June 2013

We find out if a mountain on Earth could ever reach 20 km high. Plus we ask, what is going on during an emotional...

31 May 2013

We find out if street lights are affecting plants and birds. Plus we ask how high can a mountain be here on Earth?

24 May 2013

We find out what happens if you take a plant into space, and we ask how does new lighting affect nature?

17 May 2013

We find out what is wind and why do we have it? Plus we ask, why and how do plants always grow upwards?