We solve the weirdest, wackiest, funniest and funkiest scientific questions, queries and puzzles...

16 April 2021

Quantum hats on! This week's 'exciting' question is about particle physics...

12 April 2021

Even after you wash your hands, they can still burn if you rub your eyes, why is that?

29 March 2021

How did humans end up with 46 chromosomes, and mice with 40?

22 March 2021

Do sheep grow weary with grass? Do pandas balk after too much bamboo? Katie Haylor investigates...

17 March 2021

Why are some batteries rechargeable, while others are not?

01 March 2021

If you look at a normal movie with one eye dimmed by sunglasses, why does it look 3D?

22 February 2021

Throughout history, how does nutrition affect the rich and the poor?

08 February 2021

Is there a finite amount of new music?

01 February 2021

Listener Eleanora wants to know the reason behind her dad's toilet quirks...

25 January 2021

On a planet with more mass, could rockets still reach orbit? A space systems engineer explains...

18 January 2021

What's left behind when a body is cremated?

21 December 2020

Are there health benefits, or downsides, to the popular loaf?

14 December 2020

Why can eggs be made at body temperature, but sperm need to be made at cooler temperatures?

09 December 2020

Compost breaks down organics better - but do more greenhouse gases get released? We've got the answer...

23 November 2020

Let's make sure we're not barking up the wrong tree!

16 November 2020

How many people could have my last name in 300 years?

09 November 2020

When should I water my veggies - morning, midday, or evening?

02 November 2020

Satish has been wondering how being upside down affects blood circulation...

20 October 2020

Do our skin and hair prefer it soft? What about our teeth and bones? Time to weigh up this watery wrangle...

05 October 2020

We have adrenaline to send us into 'fight or flight' mode, and many insects are great at flight

28 September 2020

Listener Margaret noticed the difference between sweat when she exercises, and sweat when she's nervous...

21 September 2020

And does being in space affect your body clock?

07 September 2020

We're talking about "latchkey incontinence" this week...