Chemistry in Its Element

Podcasts about the chemical elements and molecules that matter. Made for the Royal Society of Chemistry by the Naked Scientists...

16 December 2015

Kat Arney reveals how high temperature bacteria provide us with the molecule that speeds up DNA sequencing

09 December 2015

Kiki Sanford examines the molecule that holds the balance between life and death

02 December 2015

Michael Freemantle awakens us to the history of diethyl ether

25 November 2015

Brian Clegg paints a picture of a compound found in ancient cave paintings and top-of-the-range electronics: Manganese...

18 November 2015

Michael Freemantle examines the explosive history and chemistry of mercury fulminate

11 November 2015

Generally, things get bigger as they get hotter. Neil Withers examines one of the exceptions – zirconium tungstate

04 November 2015

There's more to toluene than TNT, as Brian Clegg reveals

28 October 2015

From an apron aflame to a popular propellant, Michael Freemantle tracks the history of guncotton

22 October 2015

Brian Clegg introduces an essential nutrient, and the first to hold the name 'vitamin': Thiamine or vitamin B

15 October 2015

A story which starts knee-deep in sewage and ends with the spread of drug resistant infections like MRSA

07 October 2015

Wouldn't it be great to have a molecule named after you? But perhaps not this week's compound, the chemical...

30 September 2015

Hayley Birch discovers the compound that opened up a wing of the periodic table for reactions: Xenon hexafluoroplatinate

23 September 2015

Raychelle Burks finds out how Potbelly's patrons became poisoning patients, in the mystery of the sodium azide-...

21 September 2015

In this week's podcast, Matt Gunther reveals the toxic history of gelsemine

15 September 2015

In this week's podcast, Raychelle Burks tells us of the cool but warming effects of methyl salicylate, better...

02 September 2015

It's at the heart of the first chemical equation, and makes Hayley Birch think of quiche. This week's...

26 August 2015

Why do the Blue Ridged Mountains inspire so many songs? Maybe it's because of the Isoprene that gives them their...

19 August 2015

Emilie Steinmark tells us about gluten and gluten intolerance

12 August 2015

Simon Cotton explains the explosive history and the dangers to health of the weight-loss drug, 2,4-dinitrophenol

05 August 2015

Brian Clegg introduces an exotic chemical dynasty: the Vanadium oxides

29 July 2015

Simon Cotton on the compound that turns a shrinking violet into a hero: Adrenaline

22 July 2015

Brian Clegg tells us about a silicone gel, which can sometimes be a bit silly

17 July 2015

Raychelle Burks introduces a red dye with a prickly history.

08 July 2015

If life hands you lemons, make lemonade – or you could make citric acid, a very useful commodity chemical according to...