Copy-proof labels prevent forgery

Using the randomness of sprayed microparticles to prevent forgery
29 March 2019
Presented by Jack Tavener
Production by Jack Tavener.


QR code being read by phone in hands


We’re all familiar with scanning QR codes - those black and white patterns that act as a ticket to get into gigs, our boarding pass for a plane or even means to connect with friends on social media. But what if these patterns could also be used to prevent counterfeit medicine, aircraft parts or luxury goods entering the supply chain, ensuring safety and quality for end-users? Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have done just that using microparticles to create a unique ID that not even the scientists who have made them can duplicate - ensuring the path from producer to consumer is absolutely secure. Jack Tavener spoke to Thomas Just Sørensen, co-author of the research, who explained the scale of the problem…


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