Covid-19: What's happening?

As cases climb beyond 80,000, how is the world reacting?
03 March 2020
Presented by Chris Smith with Kim Hill, Radio New Zealand National. 
Production by Chris Smith.


Chris Smith rejoined Radio New Zealand National's Kim Hill on Saturday 29th February as New Zealand declares its first case of Covid-19. So far the novel coronavirus has infected more than 80,000 people and caused over 2,800 deaths. They review the on-going situation and how the world is reacting...


My daughter (17 years)has all the symptoms, sore throat, cough, temperature of 39.5C 40.5C for several days, now 37.7C and coughing and feeling lungs sore. I have developed temp 38C and sore throat and cough. She goes to a private school with a fair proportion of chinese students. However 111 just told her to isolate but will not test her, or me.

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