E-Waste Day: what to do with old electronics?

Huge numbers of old electrical items are piling up in our homes - recycling them helps recover key materials
20 October 2021
Presented by Iacopo Russo
Production by Iacopo Russo.


Image of a hand holding an old mobile phone


Who doesn’t like to pick up a cold drink from the fridge and sit down to watch a show on their laptop or TV? Electrical appliances have made our lives easier and richer and yet, as much as we love them, we don’t seem to be as good at properly maintaining or disposing of them. Thursday 14th October this year was International E-Waste Day, an event to raise awareness about the problem of waste electronics. Iacopo Russo heard from Pascal Leroy, the General Director of the WEEE Forum, the non-profit expert group which promotes the event...


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