National Astronomy Meeting: Monday

Plans are afoot to double the size of the Liverpool Telescope.
01 July 2013
Presented by Dominic Ford


The Liverpool Telescope


David Southwood, President of the Royal Astronomical Society, tells me why NAM is so important to him. I hear about plans to double the size of the Liverpool Telescope, the sparkles in the Sun which have only recently come to light, and how gravitational lenses can produce magnified images of distant quasars.

In this episode

06:53 - Sparkles in the Sun

Cameras launched on brief flights aboard sounding rockets have seen sparkles in the Sun's atmosphere.

Sparkles in the Sun
with Robert Walsh, University of Central Lancashire

Transcript to follow.

A growing black hole, called a quasar, can be seen at the center of a faraway galaxy in this artist's concept.

14:57 - Magnifying quasars

Can gravitational lenses make distant quasars appear significantly brighter and easier to detect?

Magnifying quasars
with Andy Lawrence, University of Edinburgh

Transcript to follow.

The Liverpool Telescope

22:37 - Liverpool Telescope to double in size

Planning is underway to build a successor to the world's largest fully robotic telescope.

Liverpool Telescope to double in size
with Chris Copperwheat, Liverpool John Moores University

Transcript to follow.


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