Find out about Flu

Connie Orbach and Khalil Thirlaway find out more about the influenza virus...
18 January 2018


It's winter time again in the northern hemisphere and the influenza virus - the 'flu - is making its seasonal rounds. The virus infects millions of people every year, and vulnerable individuals with underlying health complaints including heart disease, kidney problems and diabetes, as well as pregnant women, the very young and the over 65s are at higher risk of developing a severe infection. To find out how flu spreads and causes disease, and how you can protect yourself, Naked Scientists Connie Orbach and Khalil Thirlaway have been investigating this microbial assailant... 


Aaron! Stop using your sleeves as a glove before you end up with the flu. Michelle, tell him I said stop that!

Listen to this segment of the most informative podcast ever to have existed, and thank the immodest naturalists..

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