Infectious Diseases - Genetics Society

From genetics to computer programming, Team One explore outbreaks of infectious diseases.
10 May 2017


From the Genetics Society Science Communication Workshop 2017, this episode focuses on outbreaks of infectious diseases. From genetics to computer programming, we’ll be looking at techniques to better understand how diseases spread, and strategies to minimise this. Helena Robinson talks about diagnosing Ebola in Sierra-Leone, Dr Chris Smith tells us how human behaviour may have lead to the recent Zika outbreak, and Dr Emma Hodcroft explains how computer modelling is helping to better understand HIV.

Presenters: Marie Nugent, Amelia Joy Thompson

Producer: Amy Royall

Roving reporters: James Burgon, Julia Heckenast

Guests: Helena Robinson, Dr Chris Smith, Dr Emma Hodcroft

Technical Editor: James Burgon

Music: Track title “Hubbub” from


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