Jim Gazzard: adapting teaching to Covid-19

The training you get at university will only last you 5 years now, so how do you keep current, post-Covid?
14 October 2020
Presented by Chris Smith
Production by Chris Smith, Phil Sansom.


image of teacher next to blackboard, via video call


Covid-19 is forcing educators to re-think centuries of teaching traditions and develop new ways to provide a rich but safe student experience. At the same time, as UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak highlighted this month, some forms of employment have ceased to be longterm viable, prompting some, including those in formerly well-established careers, to branch out in new directions. As they do so, they are seeking training to support job moves, provoking a surge in adult educational enrolments.  Jim Gazzard leads Cambridge University's Institute of Continuing Education (ICE). He joined palaeoanthropologist Lee Berger, from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, and Theo Bloom, Executive Editor of the British Medical Journal, to speak with Chris Smith about how adult education and training are evolving rapidly, why the learning from a traditional degree is good for probably only a few years after you qualify, and the anticipated shift for many towards a career path more dominated by lifelong learning...

This interview is a longer form excerpt from a recent edition of the Naked Scientists Podcast, Trump's Treatments & Nobel Prizes


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