Making Goodwill Go Viral

Social media campaigns in aid of charities and social causes can have a huge impact, if they last long enough to be effective. Social psychologist Sander van der Linden, Cambridge...
21 February 2017
Presented by Ricky Nathvani
Production by Ricky Nathvani.


A person holding a cup of coffee while using a smartphone


Promoting social causes online can mobilise millions and raise huge sums of money. But it only leads to long term changes if the campaigns don’t fizzle out prematurely. Social psychologist, Sander van der Linden from the University of Cambridge, thinks he’s found the formula for social media campaigns to be effective in the long run, detailing what he calls “viral altruism” in a study published in Nature Human Behaviour. Ricky Nathvani went to find out exactly what it is...


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