Neuroscience news: driving, development and decisions

This month's highlights from the world of neuroscience research...
01 November 2018
Presented by Katie Haylor


Brain schematic


We flick through the neuroscience news with the help of Cambridge University cognitive neuroscientist Duncan Astle, Anglia Ruskin University perceptual psychologist Helen Keyes and Cambridge University behavioural neuroscientist Philipe Bujold. First up, Katie Haylor asks Helen what being a psychologist involves...


Papers discussed:

Early parenting predicts hippocampal subregion volume via stress reactivity in childhood

Gaze behavior and human error in distracted driving: Unlocking the complexity of articulatory rehearsal mechanism

Multiple timescales of normalized value coding underlie adaptive choice behavior


Thanks to Dr Ferrari-Toniolo for providing the sounds of neurons.


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