Omicron, variant of concern. What do we know?

Will existing vaccines continue to work, and is the international community responding in the right way?
04 December 2021
Presented by Chris Smith
Production by Chris Smith.


The Omicron variant of Covid-19


Virologist Chris Smith talks with Radio New Zealand National's Kim Hill on Saturday 27th November as the world contemplates the discovery of the Covid-19 variant that the WHO has dubbed "Omicron" and labelled as a "variant of concern". How will scientists investigate this agent, and how are policymakers responding? Will the vaccines rolled out internationally continue to work, or do they need to be updated? Is the apparent benign nature of Omicron actually a blessing in disguise?


I think we shall shortly see recombination between Delta and Omicron and the chimera / hybrid - what ever they decide to call it will be the next variant(s) of concern or possibly not of concern. So it won't be which will dominate Delta or Omicron.

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