Quick Fire Science

Your quickfire guide to hot scientific topics...

21 November 2013

The 19th November was World Toilet Day. Here's a Quick Fire Science on sanitation, and the future of the toilet

14 November 2013

The 2013 opium harvest was the largest on record. But what is it, and what is its history?

07 November 2013

Australian archaeologists have found part of a fossil from an ancient platypus that was a metre long.

31 October 2013

With Bonfire Night fast approaching, the chemistry of fireworks and gunpowder receives the Quick Fire Science treatment

23 October 2013

As a new Great British Bake Off champion is crowned, here's your quick fire science on baking...

17 October 2013

With researchers asking for help to track the Spanish slug, here's your quick fire science on invasive species...

10 October 2013

Awarded annually for Chemistry, Physics and Medicine, what are the Nobel Prizes?

26 September 2013

A mummified body known as the Cashel man was recently found to be the oldest so called 'bog body' with intact...

19 September 2013

The largest passenger ship salvage operation ever is currently underway in Italy, as experts try to raise the MS Costa...

11 September 2013

Why is it so hard to breed pandas in captivity, and why are vets unsure whether a panda in Edinburgh Zoo is pregnant?

04 September 2013

The 'Walkie Talkie' in London has been damaging cars this week by acting as a parabolic reflector, targeting...

29 August 2013

Concerns are being raised about cooling water leaks at Fukushima. But how does a nuclear power station work?

22 August 2013

Could trains be built to travel as fast as jet liners?

14 August 2013

What are meteors, and what's the best way to observe them?

08 August 2013

Scientists have grown a burger in the lab, but do we need artificial meat?

01 August 2013

Our recent spell of hot weather in the UK has seen a dramatic rise in the number of jellyfish in UK waters. But what...

25 July 2013

Claudia and Priya give you 11 facts about organ donation and the World Transplant Games

18 July 2013

A team at Toronto university won the “Igor I. Sikorsky Competition” by building a man-powered helicopter...

11 July 2013

A baby was born in the US this week, thanks to a new genetic screening technique for IVF embryos

04 July 2013

Nineteen fire-fighters were killed in Arizona tackling a wildfire that had got out of control. But how do blazes like...

26 June 2013

Pubs across the UK have started accepting virtual money called 'bitcoins' in return for pints.

20 June 2013

Google announces the deployment of a fleet of balloons to bring Internet access and WiFi within reach in remote places...

13 June 2013

A team in Singapore have developed an invisibility cloak that can hide goldfish and cats...

06 June 2013

Is Michael Douglas right when he claims his oral cancer was caused by HPV?