Is space lettuce good for you?

How similar is lettuce grown in space to lettuce grown on Earth?
25 March 2020
Presented by Megan McGregor


lettuce crop in the soil


Space-grown lettuce may sound like something from science-fiction, but astronauts on the International Space Station, or ISS, have been enjoying their leafy greens since mid 2015, thanks to NASA’s Veggie plant growth system. Now that some of this lettuce has been returned to Earth, scientists have been able to analyse the nutritional and bacterial content of these lettuces. For comparison, a batch of lettuces on earth was grown in conditions exactly mimicking the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide level experience by those on the ISS. So, do salads greens grown in space make for a better lunch? Megan McGregor spoke to Gioia Massa, project scientists at Kennedy Space centre, and Howard Griffiths from the University of Cambridge, to find out.


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