Universal Flu Vaccine

The first human clinical trial for a universal flu vaccine has had very promising results...
17 December 2020
Presented by Eva Higginbotham
Production by Eva Higginbotham.




Although this year the coronavirus has taken centre stage, normally at this time of year in the UK we’d be thinking a lot about the flu. The WHO estimates that up to 650,000 people globally die each year from the flu, and one of the tools in our arsenal against it is the seasonal flu vaccine, where each year scientists make a new vaccine to try and target the specific flu virus that’s causing the most damage that year. Recently there’s been a huge breakthrough in the search for a universal flu vaccine, that is one vaccine that would give broad protection from lots of different strains of flu. Just published in the journal Nature Medicine out of Mount Sinai hospital in New York, Eva Higginbotham spoke to one of the scientists behind the work: Lynda Coughlan...

Ref: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-1118-7


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