The World's Wasted Wastewater Potential

The energy from wastewater could power every house in Mexico and the USA
11 March 2020
Presented by Melanie Jans-Singh
Production by Melanie Jans-Singh.


a wastewater treatment plant


Every household across the world produces wastewater. While usually we think of it as waste that has to be treated, a new study by the UN Institute for Water, in the National Resources Forum, conceives of wastewater as a largely untapped resource. The scientists, led by Manzoor Qadir, have estimated the total amount of wastewater in the world. This is the first comprehensive study that includes places with little recorded data. According to its result, the total amount of wastewater produced per year globally could cover the entire land in the world (minus Antarctica) by 1 metre. Melanie Jans-Singh spoke with Manzoor about these findings...


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