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07 February 2018

Why mice who lose their whiskers recover more quickly from strokes

05 February 2018

Could it help you exercise more?

29 January 2018

Scientists uncover a cause of heavy periods, and a potential treatment...

26 January 2018

The essential bacteria we know nothing about

22 January 2018

An ingredient commonly found in toothpaste could be employed as an anti-malarial drug against strains of malaria...

18 January 2018

Connie Orbach and Khalil Thirlaway find out more about the influenza virus...

12 January 2018

A new way of reducing the symptoms of tinnitus has shown success at the first trial.

21 December 2017

How complex molecules are made from simpler ones

15 December 2017

Could sticking to a healthier diet do the planet some good?

11 December 2017

New research shows that peregrine falcons hunt their prey using strategies similar to those used by guided missiles....

08 December 2017

Scientists have identified the most important reefs to protect in the Great Barrier Reef.

01 December 2017

Will we ever be able to eradicate it?

28 November 2017

Can pulsars solve this positron problem?

22 November 2017

A computer model tests out the idea of combating climate change by spraying reflective particles into the atmosphere...

20 November 2017

Tumouroids growing in three dimensions are a much better mimic of the real disease...

15 November 2017

Almost 4 million people in the UK have Type 2 diabetes, but can it be reversed?

02 November 2017

Researchers have found evidence that a particular stage of sleep can reduce fear learning which may have implications...

30 October 2017

AlphaGo Zero is a computer programme that can learn to excel at the boardgame of Go without any help from humans.

20 October 2017

A drug based on a form of cholesterol might be able to reduce heart attack damage.

20 October 2017

How do you separate a friend's voice from the din going on around you? Scientists at Imperial College have sussed...

18 October 2017

Scientists in the US have discovered a way to recreate the condition polycystic kidney disease using stem cells in a...

18 October 2017

The light equivalent of WiFi doesn't negatively impact our health or our lightbulbs, according to new research.

12 October 2017

Scientists have found a molecule in infant stars, de-bunking that it indicates signs of life.

09 October 2017

Neonicotinoid pesticides are found in three quarters of the world's honey.