Gastrointestinal pathology: Anus: Squamous carcinoma

01 January 2012
Presented by Simon Cross


Squamous carcinoma of the anus


A 1968 autopsy specimen from a 46 year old man. Admitted complaining of pain and ulceration in the back passage for four months. On examination there was a fungating ulcer on the left side of the anal opening. Biopsy showed it to be a squamous carcinoma. Abdomino-perineal resection was carried out. The operative specimen revealed only one lymph node involved by metastatic growth. Three months later he was readmitted with recurrent growth in the perineal scar and enlarged inguinal nodes. He was given a course of DXT and a block dissection of the left groin was also performed. He died one month later due to disseminated metastatic carcinoma.


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