Gastrointestinal pathology: Large intestine: Familial adenomatous polyposis with carcinoma

01 January 2012
Presented by Simon Cross


Familial polyposis / Ca sigmoid colon


A 1965 operative resection specimen from a 36 year old woman who had suffered bleeding from the rectum intermittently for five years. She had attended hospital during this period and had been treated for anaemia. More recently she had complained of a tumour prolapsing from the rectum on defaecation. Digital examination of the rectum by her own doctor demonstrated the large polyp which can be seen at the lower end of the specimen. Sigmoidoscopy revealed the presence of multiple polyps and barium enema showed the presence of further polyps and a carcinoma of the sigmoid colon. Two stage colectomy and abdomino-perineal resection was performed leaving the patient with a permanent ileostomy.


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