Gastrointestinal pathology: Oesophagus: Sarcoma

01 January 2012
Presented by Ali Winstanley


Sarcoma of the oesophagus


A 1944 autopsy specimen from a 60 year old woman who started to have epigastric pain in 1942. This came on almost immediately upon taking food. There was a filling defect of the lower oesophagus suggesting carcinoma and she was discharged to settle her affairs as operation seemed hopeless. On re-admission in June 1944 with the same symptoms and a little more pronounced dysphagia it was thought that she might have achalasia as the long lapse of time seemed to preclude carcinoma. X-ray still passed fairly easily, after delay into the cardiac orifice. Shortly after re-admission, vomiting recommenced and haematemesis occurred. Death took place several days later.


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