How does DNA fingerprinting work?

27 October 2011
Presented by Sarah Castor-Perry


How do we tell people apart by using their DNA? From murder investigations to paternity testing, DNA fingerprinting is an essential tool in the modern world. But how is it carried out? Find out in the latest Naked Science Scrapbook!


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I confess I had no idea how the dna fingerprint worked, but after reading this article and watching this video everything became clearer, nicely explained.



Why is the video restricted? All I want to do is enjoy some quality science videos and THIS WEBSITE is restricting me to do so.

The video is not restricted and is freely available for everyone to use... Are you having a specific problem with it? 

Your school and or area you are using it may be restricting it for example i cant watch the video at the moment because my school blocks all youtube videos

Try using internet explorer.

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