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03 April 2018

How do our ears decode the hubbub around us, and what can science do when the world starts to go quiet?

28 March 2018

Science publishing, diabetes and coenzyme Q, oxygen and evolution, lip-reading, and autism...

27 March 2018

Our monthly panel of experts were ready and waiting to tackle your sci-curious questions...

23 March 2018

Can I donate an organ if it was already donated to me? Why do I sweat asymmetrically?

22 March 2018

Scientists have engineered mice to develop motorneurone disease to discover new ways to combat the condition...

20 March 2018

Professor Stephen Hawking sadly passed away last week. So in this show we celebrate his life, his science and his...

16 March 2018

Can we treat eczema? What is the difference between consciousness and intelligence?

14 March 2018

We’re off to a festival but you don't need to pack your tent or wellies - DNA is the headliner here.

13 March 2018

We're lifting the lid on computers to take a look inside at how they work...

10 March 2018

Could life on Earth be wiped out by a killer asteroid? The short answer is yes.

09 March 2018

How do our bodies digest all the different things inside us? What is a phantom pregnancy?

07 March 2018

A longer interview with Grant Miller from Border Force at Heathrow Airport's 'Dead Shed'

06 March 2018

From criminal cartels to dung detectives, how scientists are fighting back.

05 March 2018

How come smaller animals seem to survive falls that a larger animal wouldn't?

02 March 2018

Why are yawns contagious? How did butter come about? What’s the limit of our brain capacity?

27 February 2018

Meet the biologists who are inventing a new form of genetic information.

26 February 2018

Stem cells can help to tackle the acute inflammation of multiple sclerosis by soaking up succinate, a pro-inflammatory...

26 February 2018

Disease control in insects, placental development, PTSD, and crickets make themselves louder...

23 February 2018

Why don't teeth grow back? Why are feathers more colourful than fur? and how do racing pigeons navigate home?

20 February 2018

Crime, animal dating, space and engineering - our expert panel tackle your science questions!

14 February 2018

It's CSI Naked Genetics, as we find out how genetic technology is used to solve crimes.

13 February 2018

We ditch the lab coats for artistic overalls and take a look at how art has helped science

12 February 2018

Is boiling them alive inhumane?

10 February 2018

Queen guitarist Brian May adds some celebrity stardust and the Space Boffins present from the British Interplanetary...