Science Podcasts

10 May 2017

Miss In Vitro, Miss In Vivo and Miss In Silico battle it out to become the Next Genetics Top Model.

10 May 2017

From genetics to computer programming, Team One explore outbreaks of infectious diseases.

09 May 2017

The Naked Scientists go global as we explore language - can speaking more than one exercise our brain?; and is our...

08 May 2017

Why does a piano's A sharp sound different to a trumpet's A sharp?

02 May 2017

Find out how scientists are fighting back against cancer.

30 April 2017

In this month's eLife, hear about naturally engineered medicine, gender bias in journals and linking up areas of...

27 April 2017

In fairy lights the blue ones can be harder to resolve: why?

25 April 2017

This week a top to bottom tour of the intestine. Why we need more dirt in our diet, how to avoid food poisoning, and...

14 April 2017

We might joke about the battle of the sexes, but it turns out that this is actually true - at least for a hundred or so...

13 April 2017

What surprises might you find lurking in your DNA, and can that information be used against you?

11 April 2017

How understanding the formation of a human being from a single fertilised egg can help us to repair things when they go...

10 April 2017

Why do missiles in films make a descending sound as they fall?

10 April 2017

Mission controllers, the man at the heart of Apollo 13 and a meeting with Dan Dare...

04 April 2017

How do venus fly traps work? Can psychologists read your mind? Why is herbivore poo so diverse?

31 March 2017

Brain implants help people with paralysis, nicotine exposure affects male offspring, toxoplasma, how human handedness...

28 March 2017

What goes on inside atoms: how can you harness the incredible energy locked inside, and how do you create new elements.

27 March 2017

Your questions answered, including the best cure for a hangover.

27 March 2017

Does one or two steps at a time require more energy, and which is better for a work-out?

21 March 2017

A biochemical test for autism has been developed by scientists in the US.

21 March 2017

Are trends in modern living helping or harming our ability to reproduce?

20 March 2017

Can HIV be transferred through a mosquito bite?

14 March 2017

Meet the thousands of pieces of space debris above our heads, which could cause a catastrophe for future space travel.

14 March 2017

The DNA sequencing revolution is providing ever more data about genomes from all kinds of species, from humans to...

13 March 2017

Is it better to throw your old bulbs out immediately, or only as they break?