Science Podcasts

13 March 2008

Renewable Energy and Venetian Acoustics - The Cambridge Science Festival Podcast 2008

11 March 2008

In the first of the Cambridge Science Festival podcasts we find out a bout a BIG experiment taking place in East London...

10 March 2008

Does long, dirty hair grow slower? Will washing or cutting your locks make them grow more quickly? And does cut hair...

09 March 2008

On this week's Naked Scientists, we tackle your questions. We find out what creates a 'Moonbow', how...

07 March 2008

Bursting bubbles, counting calories and healthy living

04 March 2008

Our question this week concerns caves - we find out if more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes caves to grow...

02 March 2008

This week we're exploring the science of sound and music. We sound out the human voice, hear why we all talk...

29 February 2008

Rocks from Mars, why houses rocked in the UK and sorting mist from fog.

25 February 2008

Do our noses tell the truth? Does a strong smell mean a lot of odour in the air, or can we be tricked by small smells?

24 February 2008

This week the Naked Scientists go virtual with a new computer system to gauge your age from a mugshot, we meet the...

22 February 2008

Breaking bones, Aching joints and the Placebo effect.

18 February 2008

Books can hold stories, knowledge, ideas and memories - but what about the smell? What gives an old book that...

17 February 2008

On this weeks Pan-Continental Naked Scientists we bring you the latest science news from the AAAS conference in Boston...

15 February 2008

This week on Ask the Naked Scientists we find out why a slipped disc can't slip out, why you forget your dreams...

11 February 2008

Electric Eels use an electric shock to stun their prey, but how do they avoid shocking themselves? And how far does the...

10 February 2008

This week on the Naked Scientists we discover novel drugs in carnivorous plants, genes pointing to prostate cancer and...

08 February 2008

Crashing satellites, Squeaking hearts and Glowing stars.

04 February 2008

How do they make, or recycle, oxygen on the international space station?

03 February 2008

Get Wet and Wild with the Naked Scientists! We don our wellies and wade into the science of wetlands, discovering the...

01 February 2008

Tearful eyes, Musical minds and Glowing seas!

28 January 2008

This week, we find out if an aeroplane on a treadmill could the plane still take off, and ask how air is made in space...

27 January 2008

In this week's not-to-be-sniffed-at infectious episode of the naked scientists, we find out the facts of flu,...

25 January 2008

Coloured Bruises, Colliding Bullets and Collapsing Bridges

21 January 2008

Who free-wheels downhill faster, a fatter cyclist or a thinner cyclist?