Science Podcasts

13 September 2017

New research suggests it's not just aging eggs that can harm chances of pregnancy.

12 September 2017

We explore how drugs get from the bench to your bedside, and what the future holds for pharmaceuticals.

11 September 2017

Biomarkers for epilepsy, how fish can recognise faces, insect anti-anti aphrodisiacs, and why striving for novelty may...

11 September 2017

Why do our clothes dry even though the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius?

10 September 2017

This month, Space Boffins says goodbye to Cassini ahead of its grand finale...

08 September 2017

Why do people scream when falling from buildings? How do bombs affect the environment? How do aeroplanes land safely?

04 September 2017

We answer your questions with our expert panel - plant scientist Beverley Glover, mathematician James Grime, physicist...

01 September 2017

Can bacteria influence the sex life of animals? Well, a serendipitous discovery made by researchers at UC Berkeley and...

01 September 2017

Can we 3D print rhino horn? How do cats eat and purr at the same time?

25 August 2017

Can we eliminate flies and mosquitoes from our ecosystem and live in peace? When will the universe end? Chris Smith...

24 August 2017

Is science set up to predict or prepare for world-ending events?

23 August 2017

Why are knee osteoarthritis cases on the rise? It's not what you might expect...

22 August 2017

Busting diet myths, the carbon footprint of our food, foraging for fungi and the future of steak - could it lie in a...

21 August 2017

What kinds of food might you be able to forage in a city green space?

21 August 2017

If we could get energy from the sun, like plants, how big would our skin need to be?

14 August 2017

This week, we explore the cosmos via your senses. From seeing a black hole for the first time to touching Mars and...

14 August 2017

Are the residues from common manual dish washing significantly toxic to humans in the short or long term?

14 August 2017

Cellular garbage disposal units play a role in the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

14 August 2017

As scientists use CRISPR technology to fix a faulty gene in a human embryo, we take a look at storing, writing and...

11 August 2017

What causes static electricity? Should your blood type affect your diet? Can we get to Mars?

10 August 2017

Celebrate 40 years of the Voyager mission with Space Boffins, plus there be genetically engineered space travellers in...

08 August 2017

The science questions that you've been sending in get scrutinised and analysed by biologist Sarah Harrison,...

08 August 2017

When you have been driving for a long time and then park your vehicle, why does it feel as though you are still moving...