Science Podcasts

06 November 2017

Is it safe? Or will the engine cut out?

03 November 2017

Can galaxies exceed the speed of light? What is the speed of dark? And do we understand stuttering?

02 November 2017

Researchers have found evidence that a particular stage of sleep can reduce fear learning which may have implications...

31 October 2017

This week, The Naked Scientists delve into the paranormal.

30 October 2017

In the 1940s, there was a chicken who survived for 18 months without a head. How long can humans survive without a head?

30 October 2017

AlphaGo Zero is a computer programme that can learn to excel at the boardgame of Go without any help from humans.

27 October 2017

Is the earth flat? How do cats judge their jumps?

24 October 2017

In this special episode we hear about photosynthesis, forensics, peer review, and the past, present and future of eLife...

24 October 2017

What is skin? Plus a history of tattoos and a new material to treat acid attack patients.

23 October 2017

Could living near a cell phone tower harm your health?

20 October 2017

A drug based on a form of cholesterol might be able to reduce heart attack damage.

20 October 2017

How do you separate a friend's voice from the din going on around you? Scientists at Imperial College have sussed...

20 October 2017

Why are rainbows curved? Why do you get double rainbows?

18 October 2017

Scientists in the US have discovered a way to recreate the condition polycystic kidney disease using stem cells in a...

18 October 2017

The light equivalent of WiFi doesn't negatively impact our health or our lightbulbs, according to new research.

17 October 2017

We ask the seven most significant questions in the run-up to AI.

14 October 2017

Your pet cat or dog is a mammal, as are whales, lemurs, pandas and polar bears. But what exactly is a mammal anyway?

13 October 2017

How does my cat open doors? Why can't I pause the radio?

12 October 2017

Scientists have found a molecule in infant stars, de-bunking that it indicates signs of life.

10 October 2017

To celebrate World Space Week, Richard and Sue head off to the European Space Agency’s ESTEC Open Day

10 October 2017

What can DNA tell us about our past and present?

09 October 2017

Neonicotinoid pesticides are found in three quarters of the world's honey.

09 October 2017

Does approaching a fly slowly allow you to swat it more easily?

06 October 2017

Why is ice sometimes sticky? Can you carbon date a person?