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05 February 2018

Should you run to reduce the amount of time out in the cold, or do the adverse effects of moving faster outweigh the...

05 February 2018

Could it help you exercise more?

02 February 2018

How can I remove salt from seawater? Why do I jolt awake sometimes when I sleep?

30 January 2018

Would you risk your life to save someone else?

29 January 2018

And why doesn't dried pasta do the same?

29 January 2018

Scientists uncover a cause of heavy periods, and a potential treatment...

26 January 2018

How does a tortoise control its temperature? Why do we find puppies cute?

26 January 2018

The essential bacteria we know nothing about

23 January 2018

How astronomers are planning to see the beginning of our Universe with the biggest telescope ever made.

22 January 2018

An ingredient commonly found in toothpaste could be employed as an anti-malarial drug against strains of malaria...

19 January 2018

Can people who are born blind dream? How do I explain infinity?

18 January 2018

Connie Orbach and Khalil Thirlaway find out more about the influenza virus...

16 January 2018

Is it possible to stop snoring? Is there a difference between running outside and on a treadmill? Which food group...

16 January 2018

Mosquito tracking, self-esteem, biological engineering and speedy salmon sperm...

14 January 2018

We take a trip back to the womb - and before - to find out about early development.

12 January 2018

A new way of reducing the symptoms of tinnitus has shown success at the first trial.

12 January 2018

Where has the rubber from your worn out tyres gone? And can science save us from tornadoes?

10 January 2018

What does microgravity feel like?

09 January 2018

This week - from adrenaline to arsenic, The Naked Scientists delve into the sinister science of poisons! Plus, what...

02 January 2018

We take a look back at the science of 2017...

21 December 2017

...And a Happy Nude Year! The Naked Scientists spread festive cheer as they get ready for Christmas.

21 December 2017

How complex molecules are made from simpler ones

19 December 2017

Is social media use changing the way we think?

18 December 2017

The Waite family wanted to know if fish yawn, so Heather Wark spoke to Iain Barber from Nottingham Trent University to...