Science Podcasts

14 February 2017

What's the difference between a meteorite, a comet and an asteroid? And we tell you how to find your own space...

14 February 2017

Our cells are constantly communicating and changing - so how do scientists spy on them?

13 February 2017

How did birds survive the dinosaur mass extinction?

10 February 2017

The Space Boffins are at Astrofest in London in front of a live audience. Guests include an Antarctic meteorite hunter...

08 February 2017

Some viruses may benefit from being less aggressive in women than in men.

07 February 2017

Team Naked take on your science questions!

03 February 2017

Why do wheels sometimes seem to spin backwards? Do pigeons get itchy?

31 January 2017

How scientists are using light to control the brain, and the treatments this promises to bring.

27 January 2017

Is the earth really flat? Can cannabis cure MS or Alzheimer's?

26 January 2017

Hear how scientists have uncovered the fossilised footprints of ancient human ancestors from 3.66 million years ago...

25 January 2017

Elon Musk is aiming to have people on the Red Planet by 2024 so what will it be like for would-be Martians?

24 January 2017

A chemical found in dogfish sharks blocks a protein from accumulating and damaging brain nerve cell membranes.

24 January 2017

The light bulb that will last 25 years and is better for the environment...

24 January 2017

How are organisms in the Arctic coping with climate change?

24 January 2017

Listener Tim got in touch to ask: Why do the poles go north-south as opposed to east-west?

23 January 2017

Do ants or other insects feel pain in the same way as humans do? And what does it have to do with robots?

20 January 2017

What are the best foods to eat before and during exams? Why do you develop allergies? Why would soap help clean greasy...

17 January 2017

From laughter yoga to a joking computer, we investigate the science of gags and giggles.

16 January 2017

What would happen if one could somehow pee standing on the moon?

14 January 2017

Who decides whether GM crops can be grown? And what about Brexit?

13 January 2017

Why are dreams so realistic? Can people predict their own deaths? Am I allergic to exercise?

10 January 2017

Hubble's replacement, ballooning to the edge of the Earth and sex in space...

10 January 2017

Does being angry increase your risk of a heart attack? What's a psychopath? Where does space begin?

06 January 2017

First piece of evidence to suggest other mammals also benefit from bigger brains.