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03 October 2004

why can't you tune into TV programmes on the radio?

03 October 2004

Can you get chocolate and cocoa disorders similar to caffeine disorders?

03 October 2004

but she works with strong magnets - could this be a factor?

03 October 2004

I've got really bad dandruff, what can I do about that?

03 October 2004

my boyfriend has mouldy feet - is this athlete's foot, and what causes it?

03 October 2004

I've got small white lumps on my face, any ideas what these might be?

03 October 2004

What are 'birthmarks' - do they really exist?

03 October 2004

what is the difference between a freckle and a mole?

03 October 2004

why do we get wrinkly in old age?

03 October 2004

I have a lot of moles on my chest and back, and they itch and bleed (after scratching most days). I've had a skin...

03 October 2004

Is there any link between what we eat and getting itchy skin and eczema?

03 October 2004

Why as we get older do we get brown pigmented spots on our hands, and when pregnant?

03 October 2004

I bleached my hair recently, does bleach affect the scalp?

29 September 2004

Chips that can plug into the brain and translate thoughts to computers, or help paralysed people to move, are no longer...

22 September 2004

Water, with its incredible properties, is considered an essential ingredient for life. But how does it contribute to...

15 September 2004

Consultant radiologist, Dr. Bob Bury, discusses public perception of risk and how we assess risk in the context of...

08 September 2004

By the year 2020, the number of people in the world suffering from blindness will have risen to 45 million. The vast...

01 September 2004

Dr. Kat Arney discusses the process of genetic imprinting whereby the expression of a gene, and therefore its effects,...

25 August 2004

Or for that matter, if you eat a chilled chilli pepper, what will happen? Dalya considers these questions and...

18 August 2004

Nanomedicine, nanotechnology and nanoengineering are the future of science and medicine. Barry Gibb describes how the...

11 August 2004

I am organising a public event in Oxford entitled "The Science of Wine Tasting"...

04 August 2004

Radiologist Bob Bury puts the case for screening the population for preventable, and less preventable, diseases. and...