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11 May 2021

Are the claimed medical benefits rooted in reality, and what is the science of sauerkraut?

10 May 2021

Scihub makes research papers available for free. Could users be in danger? Daniel Himmelstein says no...

10 May 2021

You come home after being out in the bitter cold, and there's a fly. How'd it get there?

08 May 2021

It's full of hydrogen and oxygen, so why is water incombustible?

07 May 2021

What happens when you get too hot?

05 May 2021

There seems to be a generational deficit among the young in the UK when it comes to voting. Why?

04 May 2021

It’s a look at the science behind the headlines! Health, climate, forensics, and a sci-fi thriller...

01 May 2021

Find out what games broadcaster Louise Blain loves... and hates!

30 April 2021

And why do dogs pee on upright objects?

30 April 2021

It's not just wheat that has ears! Noise is having a knock-on effect on plant reproduction across the field...

28 April 2021

And does failure get any easier...

27 April 2021

We’re looking at how to improve the green credentials of the homes we live in...

27 April 2021

Scientists have highlighted a receptor in the brain that might be a useful drug target in anorexia...

26 April 2021

Scientists are unearthing Neanderthal genetics thanks to a breakthrough in DNA analysis

26 April 2021

How does data get compressed without any getting lost? A data scientist explains...

23 April 2021

This month, we're musing over the mind.

22 April 2021

Islamophobia can take many forms. But why does it happen?

21 April 2021

Why are broadcasters turning to FIFA for their crowd sounds? And we celebrate WrestleMania!

20 April 2021

A new treatment for paracetamol overdose found more effective than current one, tested in mice

20 April 2021

This week we go radio ga-ga, taking a look at the science in your radio!

19 April 2021

If the AZ vaccine causes blood clots, why do affected individuals have low platelets?

16 April 2021

Quantum hats on! This week's 'exciting' question is about particle physics...

16 April 2021

Antisemitism is a deep rooted problem with a long history...

16 April 2021

Mixing vaccines, and risk factors for brain blood clots...