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10 July 2020

Mars is the destination of choice for three Mars missions this summer, with the US, China and the United Arab Emirates...

09 July 2020

An important resource or an environmental catastrophe?

08 July 2020

Dementia is a cruel, relentless unraveling of memory that strikes many as they age...

08 July 2020

Also, how a grille with holes keeps microwaves in the oven, and how fast is a meteor moving?

07 July 2020

We're unpicking the science of covid testing, monitoring and tracing this week...

06 July 2020

What makes instant coffee disappear so quickly into hot water?

03 July 2020

We're told it's instantaneous, but is that true? Also, how does the bladder work, and why don't inverted...

02 July 2020

Humans can understand chimp vocalisations...

01 July 2020

And if something could move faster than light, how would we detect its speed?

01 July 2020

Artificial Intelligence is destined to play a big part in our lives. How might its development affect religious beliefs?

30 June 2020

How sweetness takes away the pleasure of consuming and makes you eat more...

30 June 2020

How do you cut emissions, kill the coronavirus, and rescue the economy all at the same time?

29 June 2020

If identical twins have children with identical twins, how related are all the children?

24 June 2020

Does a mirror multiply light, and is climate change down to us, or natural temperature cycles?

24 June 2020

In the absence of the Glastonbury Festival, we take time instead to contemplate the mysteries of music.

23 June 2020

Puzzling problems and confounding conundrums in our science pub quiz

21 June 2020

How did the world of gaming react to #BlackLivesMatter?

19 June 2020

Tension, migraine, ice cream....we're talking headaches

19 June 2020

Astronomers have taken what might be the first ever picture of a baby planet being formed...

18 June 2020

Are we reaching a tipping point in our attitudes towards racial inequality?

17 June 2020

Turns out that eggs choose sperm...

16 June 2020

We're digging into the science under our feet...

15 June 2020

If dimpled golf balls fly better, why aren't there dimpled planes?

15 June 2020

Growing livers in the lab to replace donor transplants...