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04 June 2019

From fast acting venom to vehicles, speedy space to tennis serves, we kick off a month of extreme science.

01 June 2019

eLife has a new Editor-in-Chief. Who is he, and what are his plans for the journal?

31 May 2019

Tracking malaria the molecular way, fossilised ant-defying beetles and a new editor-in-chief

28 May 2019

How are scientists quantifying air pollution?

28 May 2019

Safer, cleaner, and more efficient. That's the aim, but are we there yet?

24 May 2019

Redefining a unit of measurement that was invented in 1799 has required the entire metric system to change

24 May 2019

Tiny obstacle courses show bacteria adapt their movement to maintain speed.

24 May 2019

Chris Smith answers YOUR questions... Does Vitamin-C cure a cold? Why do car wheels move in reverse in films?

21 May 2019

We look into the power and importance of vaccines!

21 May 2019

Does your memory improve by playing Pokemon?

20 May 2019

Get your fix of neuroscience news with our naked neuroscience news roundup!

20 May 2019

Destroyed structures have been found as glass particles on beaches.

20 May 2019

Does lighting a candle in the bathroom help to hide pongs?

17 May 2019

Why do chillies give me hiccups? What causes climate change? How efficient are batteries? And more...

16 May 2019

Sue Nelson interviews two remarkable women: Hidden Figure Christine Darden and Mercury 13 legend, Wally Funk.

16 May 2019

Meet Tyrannosaurus' pint-sized ancestor, revealed after being hidden away for twenty years.

15 May 2019

Prominent rules in online forums decrease harassment and rule-breaking, and increase participation.

14 May 2019

We're exploring the A-Z of dark matter...

13 May 2019

How long does it take carbon atoms to get from our food to our breath?

12 May 2019

Should there be a limit on how much testosterone a woman can have?

10 May 2019

How quickly do biodegradable bags break down?

07 May 2019

What is a weed? How do you remove bad smells from clothes? How old are the planets? And more...

03 May 2019

The largest ever genome-wide study of bipolar has found important new genetic links.

03 May 2019

Farming was imported to Britain by migrants, not adopted by locals, according to new ancient DNA study.