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21 October 2019

With the Rugby World Cup underway, and FIFA 20 being released... it has to be a sport special this month!

20 October 2019

What exactly is addiction? What's going on in the brain?

18 October 2019

Is brown sugar better for you? Why have only 28 days in February? Does diluting alcohol reduce the chances of getting...

16 October 2019

A flexible robot - thinner than a piece of thread - that can be controlled using a magnetic field and snake its way...

15 October 2019

This week - how accessible is the tech we use everyday? And how can science help?

15 October 2019

Virgin Orbit, Sweden's contribution to space, and an interview with the world's first spacewalker...

15 October 2019

Fridges with improved efficiency could be the spin off from new technology that uses twisted materials to create a...

14 October 2019

How will 12,000 satellites impact telescopes - let alone spacecraft trying to get through?

14 October 2019

This month on the show, the biggest whole-genome project ever. We're talking in the quadrillions...

10 October 2019

What will phenomics mean for medicine? And what is consciousness?

08 October 2019

A new prosthesis for a lost limb can communicate with the wearer's nervous system...

08 October 2019

Is AI a threat to humanity? What’s a panic attack? And why does being scared make your legs wobble?

02 October 2019

How do gene therapy techniques work, and what are the risks?

01 October 2019

Researchers using gene therapy to prevent blindness, halt muscular dystrophy, and even potentially cure HIV...

01 October 2019

When uncertainty creeps into scientific enquiry or religious faith, is it a sign of failure?

30 September 2019

Should you let it cool down first, or can it go straight in the fridge?

27 September 2019

What makes a brain creative? How do viruses, and the flu, evolve? And why does 2 degrees of global warming matter?

26 September 2019

How geese make it over the Himalayas, life aboard the ISS and organoids recreate a retina in a dish...

24 September 2019

From staining glass to making it bulletproof, we take a look at all things glassy.

23 September 2019

Can we use fingernails and toenails to satisfy the demand of rhino horn and reduce poaching?

20 September 2019

Would you study eSports at university?

20 September 2019

What’s going on in the brain that allows us to move? How might control over our movements change as we age?

20 September 2019

The global climate strike, does blood letting benefit blood pressure, and why vaseline melts in the pan but not in the...

17 September 2019

We dive into the murky world of cryptography...