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17 September 2019

We dive into the murky world of cryptography...

16 September 2019

When you add rice or pasta to a pan, why does the water boil over?

14 September 2019

Dogs with flat faces often struggle to breathe. What's going on in their genes? Plus, we sequence a puppy...

11 September 2019

Is flying a threat to glaucoma? Do blood groups affect diet? Is 5G harmful to my health?

10 September 2019

How long can someone hold their breath? Who are fitter - footballers or rugby players?

10 September 2019

The Boffins learn how to keep Mars safe from Earth-bugs. Plus: two Mars rovers, and a quarantine facility...

06 September 2019

Chris Smith takes on your questions. Do wild animals snore? Does menthol make your breath colder? And more...

05 September 2019

The government might change planning restrictions to allow taller masts. Will the signal be worth the eyesore?

04 September 2019

Can bacteria help cool the climate?

03 September 2019

Chlamydia, HIV and HPV - we're tackling sexually transmitted infections...

30 August 2019

How can you find natural water sources? Can stem cells repair eye conditions?

23 August 2019

Answering questions on body hair, nuclear disasters, and surviving a falling lift...

22 August 2019

How secure is the internet?

21 August 2019

How has a gene for resistance evolved long before the antiseptic it's resistant to?

21 August 2019

Why do people play simulator games like Farming Simulator and the new Woodwork Simulator?

20 August 2019

What exactly is loneliness?

20 August 2019

The helpful materials that keep us healthy.

19 August 2019

Some say it's unsafe for humans, but even David Attenborough has remarked on the animal life there...

16 August 2019

From magnets, to chemotherapy, to getting sick from putting your car heater on...

14 August 2019

Time to go back to the monk who started at all. But all is not as it seems...

14 August 2019

Recorded at the recent Bluedot festival; preserving the Apollo sites and latest meteorite mission.

13 August 2019

We're tackling the science questions you've been sending in!

06 August 2019

This week we're looking at the big impact of the tiny electron...

06 August 2019

Why do men go bald starting on top? Can you really get TB of the spine? Chris Smith has the answers.