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26 June 2018

We're getting the lowdown on volcanoes - what are they, why do they erupt?

25 June 2018

Astronaut Michael Foale weighs in on a question that's out of this world...

23 June 2018

CRISPR-Cas9 is linked to an increased risk of cancer in certain cells...

22 June 2018

Are robots the future of ophthalmic surgery?

22 June 2018

Why doesn't my own snoring wake me up? Why is there always room for dessert?

19 June 2018

We’ve been to the UK’s leading heart conference to hear from the researchers trying to discover the causes and new...

12 June 2018

You have questions, and our panel of super scientists have the answers!

10 June 2018

Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham are at the National Space Centre in Leicester with BepiColombo mission...

08 June 2018

Researchers have found a way to regenerate the enamel - or apatite - that's damaged by tooth decay...

08 June 2018

Why are rainbows perfect arches? Why have spiders never evolved wings?

07 June 2018

A lift system to safely recover specimens of deep dwelling fish from 500 feet underwater has been developed by US...

05 June 2018

What science lies behind the beautiful game?

05 June 2018

How can new robots improve life for those suffering with osteoarthritis?

04 June 2018

Would it be possible to eat any aliens we found?

01 June 2018

Do food additives cause cancer? How do we get different eye and hair colours?

31 May 2018

Echolocation in bats, aspirin for treating TB, and a new way to map the brain...

29 May 2018

This week we’re leaving Earth in search of a new home. Is there a Planet B? How could we get there?

25 May 2018

Any activity on your daily commute, like walking to the bus instead of just hopping in the car, might reduce your risk...

25 May 2018

Did dinosaur blood survive for 65 million years? Is astrology scientific?

24 May 2018

Why is skin to skin contact important for babies?

22 May 2018

With pollen in the air, we're talking allergies. What exactly is an allergic response? Why are allergies on the...

21 May 2018

We sniffed out an answer to this cool conundrum!

21 May 2018

What's the latest on the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii?

18 May 2018

Why don't I sneeze during the night? What causes me to cry all the time? How do shark repellents work?