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01 May 2018

What exactly is touch? Tactile shoppers, and the science behind the perfect hug...

27 April 2018

Could a drug treatment for cancer in Tasmanian Devils be on the horizon?

27 April 2018

How can you reduce pain after surgery? Why do thick fluids wobble when poured?

27 April 2018

The population will be 9 billion in 2050, can we feed everyone and keep them healthy?

27 April 2018

How did the peacock get it's dramatic appearance?

27 April 2018

From small to large animals, Frenetic Genetic explore the science of breeding!

24 April 2018

Who nose what goes on in your olfactory systems?

23 April 2018

Mosquitoes can't resist the smell of some people, but why?

20 April 2018

Are there any organs that can't get cancer? Why don't birds fall from the sky?

17 April 2018

The Naked Scientists get their teeth into the science of taste.

14 April 2018

We’re returning to the scene of the crime with another look at the latest from the world of forensic genetics.

13 April 2018

Can an HIV-negative person transmit HIV? Should I complete a course of antibiotics?

10 April 2018

After 2000 days on Mars, NASA’s Curiosity rover is still going strong. Space Boffins explore water on Mars, life and...

10 April 2018

How do we process the light that enters our eyes as images?

03 April 2018

How do our ears decode the hubbub around us, and what can science do when the world starts to go quiet?

28 March 2018

Science publishing, diabetes and coenzyme Q, oxygen and evolution, lip-reading, and autism...

27 March 2018

Our monthly panel of experts were ready and waiting to tackle your sci-curious questions...

23 March 2018

Can I donate an organ if it was already donated to me? Why do I sweat asymmetrically?

22 March 2018

Scientists have engineered mice to develop motorneurone disease to discover new ways to combat the condition...

20 March 2018

Professor Stephen Hawking sadly passed away last week. So in this show we celebrate his life, his science and his...

16 March 2018

Can we treat eczema? What is the difference between consciousness and intelligence?

14 March 2018

We’re off to a festival but you don't need to pack your tent or wellies - DNA is the headliner here.

13 March 2018

We're lifting the lid on computers to take a look inside at how they work...

10 March 2018

Could life on Earth be wiped out by a killer asteroid? The short answer is yes.