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23 June 2023

Also, how big are protons and electrons? And why do all babies have straight hair?

20 June 2023

In the 40 years since HIV was identified, what have we learned about how it works, and how we might cure it...

19 June 2023

Apollo 17, Orion and working with Russia in space...

16 June 2023

Plus, why perfectionism is bad for our mental health

13 June 2023

What does science have to say about the UFO's most famous traits?

09 June 2023

What are we hoping to learn from the UK government's COVID inquiry

09 June 2023

How do we know that our colours are universal? Why do stinging nettles sting?

06 June 2023

We're in the midst of a palaeontological boom...

06 June 2023

Ways to combat online misinformation, what fish reveal about fighting infections, bat's preferred meals, and how...

02 June 2023

If a tourist arrived from the future, could they bring a deadly disease with them, or vice versa?

02 June 2023

Are psychedelic treatments going to be considered for depression? Plus, what's in the new WHO treaty?

02 June 2023

Plus flyspray, muscle memory, king cobras and the physics of freefall...

30 May 2023

What causes allergic reactions, and can anything be done about it?

27 May 2023

What makes an appendix burst? Why do we blush?

26 May 2023

Plus, the reason that mosquitoes choose certain people could be linked to their body chemistry

26 May 2023

Are biofertilisers a viable alternative to the synthetic chemicals we use today?

23 May 2023

Can our panel get a maths exam question right....

22 May 2023

Chris and Leigh take the PSVR2 out for a spin!

21 May 2023

It’s easier said than done...

19 May 2023

Plus, how far off is the horizon, and why is it always at eye-level? Also Covid-19 boosters and what makes hiccups...

16 May 2023

What is memory, and how can you improve yours?

15 May 2023

Pancreatic mRNA cancer vaccine shows promise, and SpaceX want a space station by 2025

14 May 2023

Why do we dream? And why is the Earth still so hot?