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21 July 2022

Gambling can take place in a bedroom, on the High Street or on a train. Is it’s ubiquity a problem for a few or for...

19 July 2022

The best science news stories from the past month...

14 July 2022

Irish writer Rose Doyle talks to Ed Kessler about her son’s suicide...

11 July 2022

As the UK looks to relax the growth and sale of gene-edited crops, how could this impact the food we eat?

11 July 2022

Explosions in space lead to fun scenes in science fiction films, but just how dangerous are they?

08 July 2022

Yoghurt or probiotics? Why is milk white? Why does my heart rate increase in cold water?

07 July 2022

Victor Orban coined the phrase Fortress Europe, expressing a desire for Christianity to keep Islam at bay...

05 July 2022

Ponds have been on the decline for a century, but restoring those we've lost doesn't have to be hard work

04 July 2022

Have you ever wondered why it's difficult to reopen a fridge door shortly after it has been closed?

04 July 2022

Signs that some vapes can inflame the brain and other organs...

03 July 2022

Poppy Northcutt discusses retrieving astronauts from the Moon, the Apollo 13 drama, and what was on channel 53...

01 July 2022

Plus, chainsaw hypotheses, Star Trek and mathematical puzzles...

30 June 2022

We traverse the Metaverse, to find out what you can actually do in it.

30 June 2022

Memory is mysterious and we are only now beginning to understand how it works in our brains...

28 June 2022

Covid continues to rampage, monkeypox is spreading fast, and bird flu has seen its biggest season ever. Why?

27 June 2022

We investigate the science of shipping container scanners and the shocking situation a listener encountered...

25 June 2022

Many families in the UK open their homes to provide refuge for fleeing Ukrainians. What is the history and the future...

24 June 2022

A children's special edition; can Dr Chris Smith crack their imaginative science dilemmas?

20 June 2022

An in-depth look at some of the top science stories this month

17 June 2022

Researchers dose mice with a bottomless boozy bath to find out if alcohol warms the body, sounds rather nice

16 June 2022

The Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop Kirill of Moscow both got into trouble recently for mixing up religion with...

15 June 2022

These heroic creatures could soon be saving lives...

14 June 2022

Renewable energy is part of the solution, but efficiently storing and distributing electricity are priorities too...

09 June 2022

There’s a pizza joint in Washington DC where a cabal of satanic child abusers meets to brag about their exploits.