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24 March 2023

Plus, what makes TB so drug resistant, and what's the point of going to Mars?

22 March 2023

Icy moons, magnetic fields, and life elsewhere in the solar system are under our microscope this month...

21 March 2023

The high seas treaty aims to protect 30% of the open ocean by 2030. But is this realistic?

17 March 2023

Plus, an artificial sweetener suppresses immunity, and gorillas enjoy getting dizzy

17 March 2023

Before we can speak, what language do we think in? Can you transplant the same organ multiple times?

17 March 2023

Are best before dates a mandatory thing? Why does scratching an itch feel good?

10 March 2023

Why did sharks survive the meteor strike and the dinosaurs didn't? What's the secret to self control?

06 March 2023

Chris and Leigh welcome their new co-host.

05 March 2023

In the blue corner: National Anthems and military marches; in the red corner: protest songs. Politics and music often...

03 March 2023

Plus, 11 minutes of exercise reduces risk of fatality, and why the latest aurora was so far south

03 March 2023

Why do women stop producing breast milk?

01 March 2023

What’s the toilet like in SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft?

01 March 2023

Plus, how the bee microbiome uses cyanide from dietary toxins to fend off parasites, and links between mitochondrial...

28 February 2023

Can the often destructive forces of our planet shed light on its inner workings?

28 February 2023

Is time something truly fundamental to our Universe, or just an illusion?

24 February 2023

Plus, the early bows and arrows in Europe, and if the 4 day work week trial has been a success

23 February 2023

Does the language we speak have an effect on the way we perceive receiving rewards?

21 February 2023

Nuclear physicists have been set the challenge to generate clean energy in 15 years...

17 February 2023

Plus, tool-using cockatoos and the giant penguin which lived 50 million years ago...

14 February 2023

Could the worst outbreak of avian influenza on record lead to another pandemic?

10 February 2023

Plus, the overlooked threat of indoor air pollution, and the newly deciphered letters from Mary Queen of Scots

07 February 2023

Cutting back on environmental damage is key to farming of the future...

06 February 2023

Why is that hard, and how did rhyme, song and rhythm evolve? Also, we take a look at treatments for cataracts...

06 February 2023

The bacteria which make the rocks beneath our feet their home...