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08 March 2022

As global conflict increasingly turns digital, we look at the tools, targets & implications of cyberwarfare...

08 March 2022

Do accents change the way you talk to yourself?

07 March 2022

As our reporter Alex Rhodes gets engaged, we get him to plan a wedding using a wedding simulator.

04 March 2022

The use of nuclear weapons leads to dire consequences...

01 March 2022

Are their children genetically brother and sister?

01 March 2022

Are we seeing the end of astronauts and the rise of robotic spacefarers in our stead?

27 February 2022

What’s the link between C20th Muslim pop music and Victorian synagogue music?

25 February 2022

The effects of gravity on oxygen generation have been studied in preparation for future lunar settlements

25 February 2022

At home blood clot tests can be performed using a smartphone and a drop of blood

24 February 2022

We're answering your questions on motion, cleanliness and the Disney robot WALL-E?

23 February 2022

Blues and greens are in this summer...

23 February 2022

Magnetic inclination is used by songbirds as a STOP sign to know that they are home...

23 February 2022

Roman sanitation may not have been as marvellous as their architectural structures & historical weapons...

22 February 2022

Zooming in on how microscopes have opened our eyes to life beyond the naked eye.

21 February 2022

Is there any science behind the behaviour of school students being affected by the moon similar to werewolves?

20 February 2022

Silence is much more than the absence of noise or speech. It can be contemplative, defiant, truthful or evasive...

20 February 2022

And what's spacetime and how does entanglement work?

17 February 2022

New housing developments are often full of energy efficient homes, but are found lacking in other areas...

15 February 2022

The search for organ donors that aren't human...

13 February 2022

What is wisdom and how do we measure it? It’s different from brilliance but it’s difficult to pin down...

10 February 2022

It's not like they can wrap up warm & drink some hot tea.

07 February 2022

Would the lunar surface make a good observatory? And how do tides work?

06 February 2022

Ask a person of faith and they’ll probably say God. But is it that simple?

06 February 2022

The Naked Scientists take a closer look at the science of trees in honour of the Queen's Green Canopy...