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23 April 2020

Join us for a giggle with science comedian Fran Chadha-Day...

22 April 2020

Two religions come together to discuss the Moses story, as told in the Qu’ran and the Torah...

21 April 2020

From cloudspotting to birdwatching to stargazing, you're never going to look at the sky the same way again...

21 April 2020

Pope Simulator is on the horizon and Houseparty is all the rage, so we look at the best and worst simulators!

20 April 2020

Babies get their helpful bacteria when they're born. Does the same happen to a C-section baby?

20 April 2020

From cellular decisions to deciding how to behave - check out the latest Naked Neusocience episode!

19 April 2020

Will a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus be forthcoming, and what other measures are effective at fighting...

19 April 2020

Do control measures force viruses to evolve greater virulence?

15 April 2020

The way we perceive colour is not straightforward. What the eye delivers to the brain, the mind then interprets. But...

14 April 2020

The famous space telescope's 30th birthday, and 50 years since one of space's luckiest escapes...

14 April 2020

Underneath this global pandemic is a tiny string of genetic code, whose sequence reveals its nature...

14 April 2020

This week, we're getting stuck in to some kitchen science experiments that you can do at home!

13 April 2020

Are people becoming reinfected, or are the tests just poor? And how, and when, will we return to normality post-...

11 April 2020

The risk of bringing home coronavirus on your groceries is very low, but what's the best way to minimise the...

10 April 2020

What other parts of the body can covid-19 infect? And how do new diseases emerge in the first place?

08 April 2020

What traits make urban birds successful?

08 April 2020

How can we go about dealing with depression?

07 April 2020

We follow the history of radioactivity from its discovery to uses, good and bad.

06 April 2020

Listener Jon keeps his pet frogs in a terrarium. If he sealed it, who would win: the frogs or the plants?

04 April 2020

What's the evidence that a facemask works for SARS-CoV-2, and is the lockdown working?

04 April 2020

Your questions answered, including what is in the planet's interior, and where do viruses come from in the first...

03 April 2020

Ebola, SARS, rabies... Bats are replete with lethal pathogens. But why?

01 April 2020

A doctor, a faith leader and an historian discuss the implications of the coronavirus crisis. Will it transform our...

31 March 2020

Genetics, geoscience, chemistry and komodo dragons - check out our latest show!