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06 February 2023

A Hubble astronaut and the UK's "Space Minister" grace the podcast this month...

05 February 2023

A light- hearted discussion about positive thinking in bad times...

03 February 2023

Also, machine learning algorithm proves more efficient at searching for aliens, and results from the sugar tax

31 January 2023

We examine some of the surprising capabilities that satellites have and the dangers satellites face in orbit

27 January 2023

Is paying people to turn off their appliances the precursor to a digital control of our energy consumption?

25 January 2023

Leigh and Chris take on Goat Simulator 3, and we find out if physical copies of games are on the way out.

24 January 2023

Large language models are ushering in a new era of idea generation...

20 January 2023

Hair follicles remodel scar tissue, and mature brain cells grown in the lab

20 January 2023

Also, why do stars appear to flicker, or move? And can animals experience regret?

17 January 2023

The past, present, and future of our relationship with alcohol

13 January 2023

Marine noise causes dolphins to yell, and what went wrong at Spaceport Cornwall...

13 January 2023

Why do the half moons under our nails disappear as we get older?

11 January 2023

Chris chats to TV presenter, House Music lover, fitness enthusiast, and Naked Gaming host Leigh Milner.

11 January 2023

Ben McAllister talks to Paul Davies on some of the biggest questions confronting cosmologists...

10 January 2023

Is it sometimes necessary or even productive to stop negotiating?

10 January 2023

Putting your questions, from the cosmic to the microscopic, to our panel of expert guests...

06 January 2023

Also, does flash photography harm baby's eyesight? and what does it mean to be double-jointed?

04 January 2023

Also, is carbonated water better for you than still water? And Is there a cure for tinnitus?

03 January 2023

Some of our favourite stories from the past 12 months

21 December 2022

Nasa’s outgoing head of science, Thomas Zurbuchen, discusses the James Webb Space Telescope, future missions to the...

19 December 2022

How data on our oceans is collected, and what we then do with it...

16 December 2022

A breakthrough in nuclear fusion energy, but what does it mean?

16 December 2022

Why does nothing last anymore? Why does a blackout occur?