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10 August 2020

Can you help the environment by burying your paper?

07 August 2020

Also, how explosions happen, fruit batteries, genes, height and IQ...

06 August 2020

How shining a light into the eyes recharges the retina

05 August 2020

What exactly is an artificial liver?

05 August 2020

Before the COVID crisis, many of us took certain freedoms for granted. Now we’re not so sure...

04 August 2020

Let's tuck into a Naked Scientists' BBQ...

02 August 2020

And are aeroplanes Covid-19 safe. Plus space tourism, flight paths and goose bumps...

31 July 2020

An unusual collaboration is looking for paintings that reveal clues about how our modern fruits came about...

31 July 2020

Join Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner as they cover the Xbox Series X reveal

29 July 2020

Researchers think more than 30,000 people in North Western Europe might carry this mutation

29 July 2020

Are we citizens of nowhere, or citizens of somewhere? And do we actually have to choose?

28 July 2020

It’s quiz time! Three fabulous listeners tackle everything from physics & space to the natural world...

27 July 2020

Evidence for Russian Covid-19 vaccine espionage, and what constitutes an infectious coronavirus dose...

22 July 2020

The enduring legacy of the man whose theories changed science forever...

20 July 2020

Shampoo bottles say you should wash twice. Is there any science to that?

20 July 2020

Why do migraines happen? How can migraines be treated? Can stripes give you a headache?

20 July 2020

Celebrating the centenary of the DNA pioneer

19 July 2020

What the hell does the longest word in the English dictionary mean?

15 July 2020

Meet the phenomenon that seems to help females live longer, see colour better, and even survive COVID-19...

15 July 2020

Rubbish is a big problem. But what about our nuclear waste?

14 July 2020

We're taking a closer look at our celestial neighbours.

13 July 2020

The UK government has provided more than a billion items of PPE - why so much?

13 July 2020

Lockdowns, masks, long-term immunity, and the prospect of a Covid comeback...

12 July 2020

We're always going forward because we can't find the reverse! But could we go backwards in time?