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20 March 2020

How can colours affect how we feel?

20 March 2020

How does the immune system respond to SARS-CoV-2?

18 March 2020

Seagulls use human touch as a cue to identify good food - but how exactly do you test that?

18 March 2020

Should religious rules about diet be ignored to save the planet?

17 March 2020

We look at some clever solutions for sustaining cities into the future...

16 March 2020

Fusion could be the most sustainable source of energy in the future. But how much can we get out of it?

14 March 2020

How to slow down Covid-19, problem marine plastics, and does hot water freeze faster than cold water?

14 March 2020

The UK stance is currently at odds with the response across Europe. Is this the right approach to controlling the...

14 March 2020

Direct to consumer DNA tests are excellent at uncovering family history - and family secrets...

11 March 2020

The energy from wastewater could power every house in Mexico and the USA

11 March 2020

What would Twitter and Facebook do for a 21st Century messiah?

10 March 2020

New ways to study the sun and planets outside our solar system, and the show takes a philatelic slant...

06 March 2020

How some flowers have 2 dads, and is your genome at risk of getting hacked?

05 March 2020

Time to sate that curious mind! Our panel answers questions on the coronavirus, solar storms, and much more...

04 March 2020

Plans for the climate summit in Glasgow are in chaos, we consider the urgency of climate change action...

03 March 2020

As cases climb beyond 80,000, how is the world reacting?

03 March 2020

This week, we're talking electric cars!

02 March 2020

Bigger dog, bigger brain - does that mean a great dane is cleverer than a chihuahua?

28 February 2020

Cannabis can make people misremember key events - or even remember things that never actually happened...

27 February 2020

How AI is revolutionising healthcare

26 February 2020

What is the theology of alcohol?

25 February 2020

We take some time, to look at the science of time

24 February 2020

Can my kitchen sponges be used forever if I microwave them or put them in the dishwasher?

21 February 2020

Love is in the air, especially when it comes to new games!