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29 December 2021

At the darkest time of the year, we explore the theological and aesthetic significance of light in all its forms...

24 December 2021

Plus, where old Covids go, how chickens make eggs, and how to power space probes...

19 December 2021

Lockdowns and restrictions are lifted, just as a new variant starts to spread...

17 December 2021

How researchers are tackling the increasing problem of antimicrobial resistance

17 December 2021

Presents missing, Santa AFK, how will the team save Christmas?

15 December 2021

A brief history of the medicine that millions use everyday

15 December 2021

This time, horticulture in orbit, 3d-printed space rovers and cleaning up space rubbish...

14 December 2021

Nanotechnology sounds like just another buzzword, but it's all around us and it's here to stay

13 December 2021

Some corals are immune to bleaching, but the trade-off is they grow more slowly...

12 December 2021

We discuss the ancient shared musical heritage of the Middle East and offer some graphic musical illustrations...

07 December 2021

This month we discover raining gemstones, query the creativity of robots, and make hot science music & raps.

06 December 2021

Human DNA from the near and distant past shows how nature is still influencing our genes

05 December 2021

Why were COVID infection rates so high in some Muslim and Jewish communities?

05 December 2021

We review the new Switch OLED and ask if it's worth upgrading.

04 December 2021

Snoring, memories, boiling kettles and viral evolution all feature this week...

04 December 2021

Will existing vaccines continue to work, and is the international community responding in the right way?

02 December 2021

You may think of yourself a good hugger, but does science agree?...

01 December 2021

NASA's DART mission begins the 6.8 million mile journey towards a head-on collision with an asteroid

30 November 2021

Warmer city environments seem to be affecting the tree growth within them in unexpected ways...

30 November 2021

Cities are heating faster than rest of the planet but what can we do about it?

29 November 2021

Plastics are a notorious waste hazard but what role do they have to play in the climate crisis?

29 November 2021

Why vaccination might be deciding the difference between Covid case rates in Europe and the UK...

28 November 2021

The Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland is under pressure. What does the future hold?