The process of synaptic transmission in neurones.

Teaching old dogs new tricks

... is that drawing any firm conclusions about the effects of ageing on our cognition is very difficult. Despite this, ... to better understand the consequences of the normal ageing process for cognition, focusing in particular on ... So, what do we know about the consequences of the normal ageing process for learning? At a biological level, when it ...

The regenerative abilities of the flatworm Macrostomum lignano serve as a model for how humans might regenerate tissues.

Worms may hold the secret to longer life

... researchers have a secret weapon in the battle with the ageing process – the humble worm. Flatworms have the ... creatures as a rich source of potential clues about the ageing process and how we too might regenerate tissues. In a ... in the tidal sands of the Adriatic Sea, to investigate ageing mechanisms. Previous research observed that the ...

Couple on a date

The battle of the sexes can show us how to live longer

... for these differences between men and women in disease and ageing.’ By Helen Massey-Beresford There are important ...