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Brain activity staves off dementia

... to get meaningful results. The Irish longitudinal study on ageing has been following over 8000 people over the age of ... Robertson is interested in how society’s stereotypes of ageing can impact people’s experience of ageing and how this can lead to, or prevent dementia. ...

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Half of dementia risk down to lifestyle

... lifestyle choices. ‘Dementia is the number one fear of ageing and yet people don’t know that 50 % of our cognitive ...

An image of a mouse brain showing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease; plaques of protein (blue) among blood vessels (red) and nerves (green). Researchers believe a nutritional drink may slow early development of the disease.

Daily nutritional drink could slow Alzheimer's progression

... omega-3 fatty acids - can help cognitive performance in ageing, Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, and ...