A human heart and lungs

Looking inside your heart

... correctly and that the heart muscle is a healthy shape. Tom Crawford volunteered to be a guinea pig… Clare - I’m ... also do 3D images so we can get a 3D model of the heart. Tom - From my point of view, looking at the machine, it kind ...

Woman pulling metal weight in physiotherapy

Naked mole rat treatment for stroke

... to the cells in their body without using oxygen. He told Tom Crawford more about these fascinating creatures… Ewan - ... animals are workers so it’s a very highly social mammal. Tom - You’ve discovered how they are able to survive ...

Fruit fly - drosophila

Using lights to send flies to sleep

... sleep simply by flashing a red light in their direction. Tom Crawford went to Oxford University to meet Gero and find out ... linked to a particular characteristic of the nerve cell. Tom - In simple terms, what Gero is saying is that they first ...